Aquanord AB

Aquanord AB is working  with freshwater biology. We service local governments, municipalities, companies and local associations who requires assistance with biological surveys, investigations, and applications in freshwater environments.

Aquanord was founded at the turn of the year 2004-2005, converted into a company in 2011 and have since the start performed a number of different examinations and investigations in different parts of Sweden. Tina Hedlund, who is running the company, have a Masters degree in biology and has been working with freshwater biology since 1997. The company also have a technician since 2009, Tomas Halvarsson, who at times also assists with the fieldwork. During the last year the company has also had hired two fieldworkers who has done manual restoration of small watercourses, Håkan Ericsson and Robert Martinsson.

The company is specialized in freshwater biology and its strength is the wide range of services that it can offer. From biological surveys, for example sampling of macroinvertebrates, testfishings with nets, electofishings, scientific inventories by diving, inventories of running waters to restorations of water courses etc and producing applications and environmental impact assesments for operations with impact on freshwater environments. We can help you with communication, authorities and negotiations with the environmental court when it is necessary. Aquanord AB also possesses a large network of connections and companies to cooperate with that expands the area of knowledge and competence even further.